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Info-casting for escorts, we present style look options to apply to the images.

Style of photographs to be published on the web-page:

In Desire-Vips all the photographs of the escort girls published, are real and genuine, our agency stands out for more than 19 years, in publishing ladies not "professionals" in the sense that they are girls who dedicate themselves to their usual work, students , models etc. They combine contacts sporadically and punctually with concerted appointments, which is why they are GFE girlfriend experience girls.

We understand that this profile of Miss, requires that we have special sensitivity when exposing their images in the photographic book of the web. You decide what degree you want us to blur or cover our faces, since we are aware that a high-profile escort can not show his face completely on the Internet by personal discretion, in the social, work and family, it is logical to want to preserve their identity.

Photo studio

Whether you already have a photographic book, or if our team of photographers is responsible for making a new book, in all cases it will be us who will blur the face in the photographs published following your wishes, the decision is yours.

If you do not have adequate photographs, we can manage a photo session, to make your book with professional photographers, we can provide the costumes if necessary, and all technical and aesthetic advice, so that your photographic book is exclusive and original.

We denominate Style Look to the different possibilities to hide or to blur the face in the photos of partial or total way, next we expose the variants to choose the best option in your case.

Style Look (1)

It diffuses the face leaving the lips to the sight, is the style more used since it allows of partial and subtle form to get an idea of ​​the aspect of the escort, where a smile can be decisive.

This option can also be combined with some photo backs, in black and white, or cut above the lips.


Style Look (2)

The photographs are cut above the lips, allows partial and subtle way to get an idea of ​​the appearance of the model, where a smile is always pleasant to see, the drawback of this style, is that it does not show the hair in all its fullness .

This option can also be combined with some photo backs, or in black and white.


Style Look (3)

The face is completely blurred, you can only see part of the hair and the physical, in these cases we try to make the descriptive text of the face more explicit, this style of blurring the face completely, is less successful than the Style Look (1 ) and (2).

This option can also be combined with some photo backs, in black and white, or cut above the lips.


Style Look (4)

These photographs would all be in black and white, blurring the face leaving the lips to the view or also with the possibility to cover the whole face completely, this style has the difficulty that you can not see the skin tone and color of the hair, is less successful than the Style Look (1).

This option can also be combined with some photo backs, or cut above the lips.


Style Look (5)

This style of photographs only shows the silhouette of the model in whole body and close-ups of parts of the body, removing any marks on the skin that can be recognized, in no case show the head and hair, so it offers the escort a total anonymity of your image, are photographs taken with great skill and artistic touch to give them some visual interest, the inconvenience for the person concerned, is that you can not see all the references to make the decision to meet the escort model, so this option to apply Style Look (5) has to be accompanied by several indispensable conditions, so that Desire Vips can suggest and recommend the escort without any doubt, being sure that at the moment of the personal encounter it is always a satisfactory surprise in all the senses, this It supposes on the part of the gentleman to have the confidence in agency Desire Vips, it is something that we have earned with our honesty for many years.

This type of photographs can only be offered to young ladies with certain characteristics, to have university studies, at least in languages ​​other than Spanish, to speak English, to have between 19 and 26 years, with a well-proportioned slim body, to be very pretty in the face undisputed, and of course liberal in sensuality, and GFE girlfriend experience attitude, all of which are indispensable for the Style Look casting (5).


The images that appear in this section are examples, they have a purely illustrative use, the people that appear in the images bear no relationship with the services provided by the accompanying girls.

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