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Who we are

Desire-Vips.com Agency is a portal-web advertising on the Internet from 1999, independent escorts girls and individuals, interested in volunteering your time how high class escorts Vip in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and other Spanish city.

Men seek, in addition to being with a beautiful escort and good physique, they also want to have other characteristics, to be an authentic Vip luxury escort, the natural implication, suitable dress, the knowing to be, the English punctuality, the cultured conversation, the liberal sexuality, to be discreet, and above all to be announced as an escort consciously, voluntarily and on their own initiative.

Casting independent luxury escorts in Barcelona.
Casting escorts high standing.


We offer the opportunity to see elite level gentlemen of which are intimately interested in meeting with the limitations that you want in any City meetings, dinners, trips, hotels, suites, etc. You always have the final say in accepting the proposals of Messrs.

Update your calendar-calendar on the web following your directionsWe manage advertising, we do follow up with complete discretion, to the satisfaction of all parties, all backed by Desire-Vips agency with a history of more than twelve years of national and international prestige.

Cost effectiveness

By bringing many years of elite agency in Spain, we have the satisfaction of having regularly with gentle and exquisite, Spanish users, and other countries.

Unlike other agenciesIn Desire-Vips we offer our service in advertising and telemarketing on-line, so your return is much higher, even if we take as reference agencies with higher rates, if you prefer you can also customize your rates. Always at the time of the meeting they will make you agreed delivery rate entirely in cash.

You can combine days and times your normal activities, do not have to be in any place, You decide the days and times you would be available.

Casting Vip escorts high standing.
Casting escorts independent luxury.

Photo Book

In Desire-Vips all photographs are current and genuine, You decide to what degree you want to cover ourselves face, we understand that a lady of high level(VIP luxury escort)can not show his face on the Internet by personal discretion, in the social, work and family, so we blur the face letting some of the photos glimpse in a partial and subtle way, so they have an idea of ​​your appearance, although not we have inconvenience to completely cover your face, it is your decision.+ INFO

If you do not have picturesWe can manage a photo shoot for your portfolio with professional photographers.


If you want to advertise as an escort of luxury in Desire-Vips Vip, totally voluntary and on their own initiative, you have to satisfy certain basic requirements, of course at all times we will offer our general advice.

Have between 19 and 35 years, * Medium or university education * Extroverted and charming character * Be attractive and have good physique * Liberal in sexuality * Do sport * Elegant and discreet * The level of English or other languages ​​is valued.

Must be attractive forSince we offer for personal discretion blur the face in the photos, but logical condition that indisputably have an attractive face.

Casting independent luxury escorts in Madrid.
Casting independent luxury escorts in Spain.


If you are interested, we hope you send us the following information by e-mail, or really the form below, your personal data and photographs will be treated confidentially.

Name or pseudonym / Years of Age / Nationality / Contact Phone / E-mail / Body measurements / Some recent / Days and times you prefer to call you picture, and any comments you want to expose.


We will contact you to answer any questions and arrange an interview if your interest, if you prefer, you can also call me directly to 659 333 642 , Maria

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Desire Vips guarantees that the information received will be managed only to respond to the request, in a confidential and discreet manner.

Comment: We answer forms, Monday to Sunday including holidays. You can send the number of photos you prefer, from this form you can send up to 6 photographs, if you want to send more only would have to fill successive forms. ATTENTION, if the pictures are great, takes time to upload.

Casting for luxury escorts in Madrid, Barcelona and throughout Spain.

The real luxury VIP escorts, are independent and individuals, can not fully show his face, obviously for fear of being recognized in their social and labor for them is very important to respect their identity for personal discretion. We understand the impediment of not able to see the face completely so in some cases a small part of the face shown to have an idea, and also very important in the descriptive text discussed in detail their appearance in an honest and reliable.

We are announcing the best escorts of the Iberian Peninsula, agency Desire-Vips at your service.