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We expose a high selection of luxury escorts and escort models of high standing, in the main Spanish cities, if you want to see the girls available in each city, access from the top menu. In this section, we show all the ladies luxury escorts grouped, but it is important to emphasize that each one of the ladies, has its own personality and unipersonal characteristics, therefore we suggest that it is important to observe in each web-page the wide information that we offer, about each luxury escort in particular, the services it offers, its availability, its rates and other issues to take into account, when making a good choice, anyway, Desire Vips agency companions high class always at your disposal, for any questions you may have, since our priority is to offer exquisite attention to the gentlemen who request it.

Luxe escort agency in Spain

We went, we are and we will be, the exclusive escort agency of reference in Spain, what are the reasons? Well, we mentioned some of them, good practices when it comes to offering luxury services, with veracity and discretion in the management, we have almost 20 years, with the same name of agency Desire Vips, something that shows that our reputation is faultless, the agencies that do not act with good practices, usually change their name and create new agencies parallel to distract his bad reputation, we like company girls agency not professionals, we are proud to offer, personalized services taking care of all the details, that the gentleman requests. In the same way we guarantee that the photos of the Spanish luxury escorts I have international are 100% real and reflect their current appearance, therefore, we honestly distinguish ourselves as Vip luxury contact agency, in many of the Spanish cities, they have considered us for many years, as one of the best luxury escort agencies Europe.

Why are girls considered Vip escorts?

The definition deluxe it is very relative, it can refer to something, sumptuous, lavish, opulent, pompous, in many cases it is understood as too ostentatious, someone said, that luxury is: "The best that money can buy". Usually the term luxurious is linked to the consumption of articles or luxury services, implies that it is something exclusive, high premium quality. Now, when we refer to luxury escorts, it is used excessively and inappropriately, to our knowledge when we mention, that an escort girl is luxury, we refer to it as having a series of values ​​that define its status as a high level companion, which in addition to its great physical beauty, and sensual attitude with natural predisposition, has very good attitudes in terms of, to which it speaks several languages, has university studies , excellent education, and socially know how to be exquisite. In the subject that occupies us, about the luxurious escorts, has some variation depending on the language and country, for example in English it is usually used the words high class escorts, in Spain the most usual to name this category of escorts, usually luxury escorts, high standing escorts or Vip escorts . In Desire Vips has more than 70 ladies worthy of such a category, companions speak English.

Vip escort services high class

Notable clarification, the services offered by the luxury escorts, from Desire Vips, carry an adjusted price, if we compare it with agencies of young ladies of the same level, with higher rates, since the Luxury escort girls, who collaborate with us, obtain a greater benefit, something that is transmitted in their helpful mood, always positive. Agencia Desire Vips does not ask exclusivity for luxury escorts, because we believe that girls must be able to publish themselves wherever they want, since they are independent and free to do so. We offer luxury services offered by VIP companions, ensuring that the choice of the gentleman is a success, agreeing all the details, with the young lady, something that differentiates a luxury escort of an escort, it is the great importance that we give to the details, however ridiculous they may seem, since for the gentleman it may have a lot of relevance, we refer to the way of dressing, both inside and outside, footwear, general attitude and in privacy, are an infinity of issues that have their importance, when establishing an intimate and social relationship. If you want to book a reservation with one of the luxury escorts, do not forget, that in Desire Vips agency, the details make the difference, luxury service, for demanding gentlemen.

Escorts for meetings at luxe hotels

At Desire Vips we are the luxury escort agency, which offers super specialized and discrete services high class, in the best hotels, we act with speed and seriousness, so that you do not have any concern or doubt, when making a reservation, being sure that the escort model, go to your room or meeting place, with total discretion and the appropriate wardrobe, also if you wish, you can indicate how you want the girl to see. If you are a Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or any other country gentleman, you have our guarantee, that you organize a meeting with a Luxury escort lady outcall in the hotel Where you are staying, is an excellent and discreet option, without any hassle for you. Another variant in which we are also specialized are meetings with you and your partner, and one or two Luxury bisexual escort girls. Enjoy the best service, accompanied by the best models of luxury and high standing Vip escorts. Our commitment is to count on you in the future, therefore we have to satisfy you in the present.

How to book a high class escort?

It has at your disposal, many luxury escorts, who are different physically, of different ages, blonde and brunette young ladies, young university models, most of the Vip escorts speak several languages, all of them have different profiles and characteristics, but something very important that they have in common, is the good education and knowing how to be, with class, elegance and discretion, for all the mentioned we can see that they are authentic luxury escorts. You can access the galleries listed by Spanish cities: Luxury escorts in Madrid - Luxury escorts in Barcelona - luxury escorts in Zaragoza - luxury escorts in Marbella - luxury escorts in Valencia - luxury escorts in Alicante - luxury escorts in Bilbao - luxury escorts in Málaga - luxury escorts in Girona - luxury escorts in Seville - luxury escorts in Ibiza - luxury escorts in the Canary Islands - luxury escorts in Tarragona. We hope you choose the escort lady of your interest, and explain your kind proposal, specifying the planning that you would like, for example: a fugue meeting at your hotel, an unforgettable evening with dinner included, spend all night together, a trio with you, your partner and a young university student, a whole day or a full weekend, enjoying both social companion and intimacy. Do not doubt it! With agency Desire Vips and the beautiful escorts, your dreams and fantasies will come true.

Keep in mind that all the photographs and videos of the luxury escorts are real and reflect their current appearance.

The authentic luxury escorts, are independent and private, can not completely show their face, logically for fear of being recognized in their social and work environment, for girls it is very important to respect their identity by personal discretion. We understand the impediment of not being able to see the face completely, so in some cases a small part of the face is shown to get an idea, and also something very important in the descriptive text we discuss in detail its appearance honestly and reliably, thanks for your understanding.

* The available photos of the luxury escorts, are those published on the web, by discretion we will not send photographs with the full face.