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Escorts luxury domiciled in Madrid.

Ladies high class escorts Vip, offer the service of home visits, office, second home, etc., always respecting the discretion, just as if you received a visit from a friend.

Desire-Vips guarantees that will take into account every detail, ensuring absolute discretion, at all times.

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Home visits, office, second home, etc. They are from one hour to the length you want, have the opportunity to receive a visit from a luxury escort Vip at home, quietly and comfortably.

The wardrobe is always the right escort to come to your home without attracting attention, but once at home can change clothes, as well as intimate lingerie style you suggest.

In a luxury escort Vip details make the difference.

Domicilia Escorts luxury in Barcelona.
Escorts luxury domiciled in Spain.

The expenses of travel to home, office, second home, etc. within the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​or city that resides the escort, they are included in the contribution rates.

farthest travel, expenses taxi, train or plane are part of the fees, please contact us in each case.

Some escorts have their own vehicle for travel, in these cases the cost of travel is much cheaper than if it were in a taxi.